Under: CPTPP, USMCA & WTO; arising from Canada.

Intellectual Property: Domain Name: Trademark ™ + ® -- Extortion / Racketeering.

In addition too: Aiding & Abetting Perjury, plus Obstruction of Madrid Protocol Mark.


Attorney Timothy B Hyland.

Timothy Hyland

and ...

Ifrah Law:
Jeff Ifrah - Your employee's conduct is Your responsibility.

In conspiracy with Jones Day's "Volunteer's" at ICANN, in the construction, development and preliminary operation of ICANN, herein they all forfeit the luxury of Attorney / Client Privilege, with / for / as ICANN and VeriSign; and this forfeiture encompasses the acts and deeds of the Jones Day law firm Et Al and it's later paid Attorney's who share information internally, to facilitate the extortion that's harmed myself and others who are listed below.

Timothy will also be familiar with documents "discovered"later to be shown, if you've not already seen the information I've found, published, that will illustrate that HE, on independant knowledge, committed perjury in VaED.

Jeff Ifrah


VERISIGN's ... ICANN "Volunteers".

Who "knowingly" ignore the .US.COM ~ .DE.COM ~ .BR.COM etc, Sub-Domain Name's that are engaged in racketeering, as they Infringe, Dilute, Blurr & Pass-Off as being "confusingly similirar to ICANN's > IANA Rooted ccTLDs.

Phil Corwin & Keith Drazek

Phil Corwin<+>Keith Drazek


Here in Canada, EXTORTION [ Racketeering] Charges, list all parties as "Kingpins".

Also known as Stakeholder's within ICANN, who made and or supported in VaED, acts of criminal deception that carried over to Richmond, Virginia and Washington D.C. in a related filing at SCOTUS, as 14-1480.


Owing to the Perjury and supported Perjury of / by the Kingpins / Stakeholders, being the invisible power behind ICANN, the following companies have also been victimized by Extortion / Racketeering:

Michelin, Telefonica, WelchAllyn, Danone, Unbiased, Alibaba Group, Balluff, Unilabs, SKECHERS x3, GUESS x4, Morgan Stanley x2, HotUKDeals, Fidelity, Nike, ThomBrowneNY, Dansko, Clarks Shoes, Total Jobs, Indeed, Snap Chat, Tarte Cosmetics, Bitterex, Instagram, Euronext, Epic Games, Tetra Pak, Ferragamo, Manoloblahnik, Umarex and Facebook.

Prior to ADR Forum, firms were victimized at WIPO a UN "specialized agency" harboured by Francis Gurry.

Francis Gurry

Mr. Gurry and WIPO, are functioning under USA based United Nations Association, who are Defendants too.


Collectively, those listed on this page will be sued in Canada; under WTO, CETA, USMCA & CPTPP regulations, for conspiracy to aiding, abetting and harbouring: Intellectual Property: Domain Name / TLD = .US ~ .DE ~ .BR ~ .EU ~ .UK ~ .COM: Trademark ™+® Extortion / Racketeering, via quasi cc.COMs.

.COM & .US TLD's being primarily protected under ACPA as regulated Top Level Domains, being also associated with Domain Name's, from the 1st level TLD, down to the 2nd level domain name, into the 3rd level as sub-domain's, whichDO NOT ... ""fall between the cracks" of ccTLD and GTLD registries and outside the normal jurisdiction of ICANN." and or the Alexandria, Virginia Court, as your collective perjury / supported / joined / enjoined perjury asserted.

CentralNic 3rd Level .COMs


Fall between cracks


Jurisdiction of Canada, under the following Laws and References:

Consolidated Acts R. S.C., 1985, c. T-13 - Table of Contents R.S.C., 1985, c. T-13 Trade-marks Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. T-13).

Consolidated Acts R. S.C., 1985, c. C-46 - Table of Contents R.S.C., 1985, c. C-46.

The Canadian Court will also embrace U.S. RICO Law, under USMCA, with CTTPP > TPP.

18 U.S. Code § 1961. Definitions: As used in this chapter — (1) “racketeering activity” means (A) any act or threat involving: Extortion; and under Section 2320 (relating to trafficking in goods or services bearing counterfeit marks),


+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +


Please be aware that I'm giving you: dotFEEDBACK via dotCOM.

Also know that Canadian Law permits me to make statements, both Stated and Written that may offend the person and people identified; and that such actions are only Slanderous or Libellous if the statements made are untrue.

Litigation against both "LANDCRUISE" and myself, Graham Schreiber for use of the domain name publishing this page are [exclusively] subject to the Canadian Federal Court, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada as is, or along with the domain names R[r]egistry / R[r]egistrar, which is "" who are the retail branch of ICANN's "accredited" Tucows Domains Inc.

Tucows Domains Inc, whose address is 96 Mowat Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. M6K 3M1 concede to the Federal and Provincial Court's of Canada and Ontario; therefore, for You to quash this domain name from broadcasting over the World.Wide.Web .COM, You must get me in Canada.

I specifically chose this R[r]egistry / R[r]egistrar because ENOM, a Defendant too, are a company owned by Tucows, so therefore ENOM, under their ownership are individually and uniquely obliged to address their conduct in this Jurisdiction.

Tucows and the Toronto based law firm whom I believe represent Tucows, have informally been duly informed of their conduct, "knowingly" being willfully blind to the CentralNic Extortion / Racketeering, of which they profit from; and continue to profit from.

JURISDICTION AND VENUE OF THIS DOMAIN NAME IS, AS PER > < THE FOLLOWING:TLDs. The following additional provisions apply to any domain names that you register through Tucows with the various registries: .com and .net Domains: In the case of a “.com” or “.net” registration, the following terms and conditions will apply:

    1. For the adjudication of disputes concerning or arising from use of the domain name, the Registrant shall submit, without prejudice to other potentially applicable jurisdictions, to the jurisdiction of the courts (1) of the Registrant's domicile, and (2) where Tucows is located, presently Toronto, Ontario.


I, Graham Schreiber, holder of USPTO & CIPO Registered Trademark's for "Landcruise" will only concede to inquiry at the same Federal Court, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada as Tucows allows themselves to be subject to.

When Court proceeds, the US Trade Rep and other National Ministers, or their Representatives responible for their National Trade Agreement's and Intellectual Property will be present, to learn how currupt, self serving and conflict of interest laiden ICANN really is.

These webpages and domian names have been coordinated, because I anticipate the Canadian Federal Court making my filing difficult for me to File; because of the "games" lawyers have structured for Courts.

As such, I've taken the liberty of getting your personal names, as .COM Domain Names, to in effect get > CyberRetaliation < against the "Kingpins" behind ICANN, to ensure as best I'm able, that ICANN is quashed.

Thereafter, National Governments will genuinely control their TLDs; not disintereseted "Stakeholder" parties, as "Kingpins", who make tens of millions annually, owing to the patronage appointment's they've received from Jon Postels, prior to ICANN's creation; and the "defensive registrations" they've embraced and accepted as a requirment of Common Law ™ and ® ones alike.

This webpage, on the Landcruise [® ™ at CIPO & USPTO] website, is uniquely structured under a .COM Domain Name, bearing your name, is in order to ensure You're keenly aware that Judicial proceedings against Yourself and Your "Kingpin" conspirators, the other ICANN Stakeholder's herein listed as "Kingpins" being related to your collective conspiring activities at, or for, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers [ICANN] and ICANN Et Al, is to pre-deliver Notice of Service.

Further, because I'm diligent and determined to quash corrupt lawyers, I've furnished written notice to the Washington, D.C Bar Association, informining them of my experience; and the Filing soon to be docketed.